How to travel to Assini
Travelling by plane: Athens and also Kalamata are possible. Kalamata only in summertime. There are only four times a day buses from Kalamata to Tripoli and Nafplio. Athens - the best way: Express-Bus Nr. E 93 from the airport to the central bus station "Kifissou". The buses leave near the exit 5 downstairs the airport. Tickets at the counter near exit 4. You may use also a taxi, but it costs about 30 up to 40 €. and the luggage is additionally charged. Attention! Ask the taxi driver already at the airport how much does it cost. Keep an eye that the driver switches the counter only when you leave. May be it is still running from the previous passenger. At the bus terminal you can buy tickets for Nafplio just left from the entrance. The places have numbers. The buses for the direction "Argolida" leave just at the exit of the big hangar on the right hand. At the sign is written "Nauplia" or "Nafplio". Buses go weekly half past every hour, on Sundays every two hours. The staff announces the departure only a few minutes before the start. Time to go to Nafplio two and a half, maximum three hours. Last bus from Athens weekly 20.30h Friday and Sunday 22.30 h There is also the possibility to go by train to Nafplio. It is a nice trip without any stress. You have to change the train in Ano Liossia and Korinthos. This is easy, it is the same platform. But the problem is as follows: From Athens are trains to Korinthos every hour, but from Korinthos only five times a day. If you leave from the airport at the following hours you have in any case connection up to Nafplio: 6.45, 7,45, 12.45, 15.45, 17,45. See this page:
Travelling by ship: Take the motorway through Germany, Austria, Switzerland to Italy to the port you want to leave from: Triest, Venice, Ancona, Bari or Brindisi. Under this address in the internet you find the timetables and you can also compare the prices:
You arrive from Ancona after 19 up to 22 hours in Patras, from Venice after 30 up to 35 hours. In the port get out to the left, direction Athens. Aprox. 190 km to Nafplio. On the way you have to pay toll. Don't leave the motorway near Korinthos. Follow the green signs direction "Tripoli". Leave at the exit "Ancient Nemea/Nafplio". Follow the signs to Nafplio. There are some exits from the new road like "Agia Triada, Midea, Poulakida" ... 2,2 km after the sign "Panariti" go to the left. There is a sign to "Epidavros", but it is only in Greek. After there are coming three circles. Everywhere take the second exit - that means continue straight the road. If you went another road and you crossed Nafplio go straightly into the centre of the town up to a big crossing. Follow the sign to Tolo and Epidavros to the left. After 3,3 km (right side a filling station) you go to the right, direction Tolo. In the village of Lefkakia keep on the main road straight ahead direction Tolo. In the village of Assini see the little map down. (Click for better solution)
Rent a car from Athens Airport:
First of all: check in your travel office the prices to rent a car in Greece. For instance in the internet you can book with 20 per cent less than in Greece. good addresses:, From the airport go first into the direction "Athens", after follow the "Attiki Odos" up to "Elefsina". There youkeep to the right, direction "Korinthos" About after 40 minutes you will reach the "Isthmos-Area", the famous Corinth-canal. Short stop for the big common stare in the deep groove! Take the exit "Loutraki, Korinthos Exit A” got to the left, pass the bridge over the canal and put your car on the parking just after the bridge on the right hand. After the stop you continue the road and after 400 meters turn to the left, there is a sign “Epidavros, Kranidi, Ermioni”. After 500 meters turn to the right again on the motorway direction “Patras, Tripoli”. Keep to the left direction "Tripoli". Further on see "travelling by ship".

If you go to Athens and get lost, which is very likely possible, go into the centre. Here may be you can find a road sign "Korinthos". Even when you go to Pireas this is no tragedy. Go around the port and follow the signs to "Korinthos". Ask the company, where you rent the car for a map of Athens and Attica.
Good luck in the Athens permanent traffic jam! Attention! The motorcyclist in Athens use any gap and helmets they are waering only when it is raining or very cold...